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Applying Motor Learning Research for Athletes

In our own training and as coaches, we are always looking for the optimal learning strategies for enhancing performance. The science and practice of m... Continue reading
Integrated Mobility Part 3: Practical Application and Programming

This month, we'll wrap up the series on mobility. It's time to get down to practical application of these principles. Programming mobility work fo... Continue reading
Integrated Mobility, Part 2: Flow Work

Last month, we took a look at the five pillars of a complete mobility practice. This month, I’d like to discuss the integration of mobility, or ... Continue reading
Integrated Mobility, Part 1: The Five Pillars of an Optimal Mobility Practice

I’d like to take a look at what I consider the five pillars of a complete mobility practice. Thankfully, optimal mobility seems to be on everyon... Continue reading
The Lucky 13 moves for the P-Chain

Many years ago I was talking training at a weightlifting competition with a veteran coach. He shared with me his eyeball test to determine who would w... Continue reading
Eight Great Post Stretch Moves

Putting together a daily training session, I look for the most efficient means by which to accomplish my objectives. I’ve heard lectures and rea... Continue reading
The Agility Ladder

The warm-up process we use at NorCal Strength & Conditioning has gone through many evolutions over the past few years. We have used iterations of ... Continue reading
Body-Flow™ Yoga for the Ground Game

As a student of the ground game almost everyone has been asked to perform movements like the Upa, shrimping, hip heists, penetration steps, as well as... Continue reading
Hamstring Warm-up

There are a huge variety of hamstring stretches, and many of them are good, but my goal is always to reduce things down to what is essential and leave... Continue reading
Getting Stiff: A Revisionist Approach to Stretching & Flexibility - Part 2

There is no universal stretching program. There are guidelines to which everyone must adhere to be successful, but success also requires understanding... Continue reading
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