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Ask Greg: Issue 137

Matt Asks: Is anybody able to adapt to different lifting techniques (Russian, Chinese...) or is there something biological (or body shape, composition... Continue reading
The Big Time…The Small Time: Why All Things Matter in Weightlifting

Many of you probably follow the international weightlifting scene, at least to some degree. Some of you might be avid fans who know the names and stat... Continue reading
Strong is Happy but Happy is Stronger

Positive psychology sounds like a bit of an invitation for every hippie with their chakra aligned to go and spread the good word of fluffy feel-good v... Continue reading
True or False: Warm-Ups Don’t Work

A good way of getting people’s attention is by writing a headline that flatly contradicts a commonly held belief. You may have noticed that on... Continue reading
Behind the Lifter: Adee Zukier

Throughout our lives, relationships come and go. Every person has opportunities to connect with different people in various circumstances. Connecting ... Continue reading
My Geeky Grappling Gym Selection Process

Choosing a Brazilian jiu-jitsu gym, for me, has always been kind of a big deal. Between being locked into contracts at crappy gyms and having an ultra... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 137

It's been 11 years, 132 installments of this column, and roughly 660 recipes, but it's finally time to hang up the apron. I've had a great... Continue reading
Weightlifting News: Issue 137

Upcoming National Meets June 23-26- 2016 National Youth Championships (Austin, TX) September 22-25 National University Championships (Baton Rouge,... Continue reading
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