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True or False: Caffeine is Bad For You

Full disclosure: I’m writing this while drinking my 3rd coffee of the day. I’ve tried not to let this influence my judgment. Caffeine ... Continue reading
True or false: Poor Posture Causes Back and Neck Pain

Many of my clients worry about their bad posture. I know this because they often tell me about it before I even get as far as the physical examination... Continue reading
True or False: A Difference In Leg Length Often Causes Back Pain

Whether we’re aware of it or not, most of us have a slight difference in the length of our legs. In the majority of cases, this is relatively sm... Continue reading
True or False: Clicking or Cracking of Joints Is A Sign Of Damage

Working as an osteopath, I’ve found that one of the most common issues my patients ask about is clicking joints. Many people worry that the nois... Continue reading
True or false: women have a higher pain tolerance than men

There’s a popular theory (popular, at least, with 50 percent of the population) that when it comes to tolerating pain, women are tougher than me... Continue reading
Paleo For Performance

In an effort to optimize our performance and health, we, as athletes, will often tirelessly search for the best in nutrition, training and recovery to... Continue reading
Beyond Resolutions: Seven Things To Try In 2017

Every January, a slew of Americans who have gorged themselves over the holidays while binge watching some new Netflix series (hey, we’ve all bee... Continue reading
A Meditation Primer

Meditating can be one of those annoying things that you already know they should do, but never get around to doing, like flossing, or changing your oi... Continue reading
True or False: Standing Desks Are Better For You

Recently, it’s been widely reported that sitting too much is bad for you. Studies suggest that it’s associated with an increased risk of d... Continue reading
True or False: You Need Surgery For Bulging Or Herniated Discs

“I’ve been suffering from low back pain for a few months now, and an MRI scan shows that I’ve got a bulging disc. I’ve been to... Continue reading
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