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Ask Greg: Issue 120

Adrian Asks: I've been lifting a year and a half and have a problem setting up tight from the floor. From plates and off blocks I feel really strong but when it comes to the floor I can’t seem to get full scapular retraction and T-spine extensi... Continue reading
Coach Yu…and You: A Look at a Chinese Icon

People love watching athletes celebrate. Have you ever thought about that? I’m talking about the times when athletes go nuts and explode with emotion after they hit the jackpot. Football players in the NFL score touchdowns, and then immediately... Continue reading
Mike McGivern. Powerlifter.

I met Mike McGivern a couple of days before his wedding. It was raining. His fiancé was very worried about it doing the same on their big day. My girlfriend and I moved to Kansas City, Missouri, a few days before I met Mike. He runs the sm... Continue reading
Mindfulness & Muscle: How Thinking About Training Can Be Training

“As you think, so shall you become.” —Bruce Lee The mindfulness movement is gaining popularity, and it’s finding application in just about every sector. Google is bringing in Zen masters to help their employees cultivate mi... Continue reading
Seven Ways to Be More Coachable

I’ve written a lot of articles in these pages about how coaches can step up their game. That’s probably because I’ve had some terrible experiences with coaches who don’t have the same level of professionalism as the fine reade... Continue reading
True or False: Training Hard Makes You More Likely to Catch a Cold

You work hard. You eat well. You try to take care of yourself. So when you do finally come down with a cold or flu, could it be because you worked too hard? Or have all those tough workouts made you stronger, so you're only on your first cold of the ... Continue reading
Five meat-cooking myths debunked

Invite family or friends over to prepare a feast and you’re likely to find that everyone has an opinion (or four) about how the meat should be cooked. You know how it goes: amid the kitchen clamor come shouts of “poke it to see if it&rsqu... Continue reading
Performance Menu Athlete Interview: Brian Wilhelm

When I decided to interview Brian Wilhelm, I knew I was going to have to ask him about his father. I almost didn’t want to bring it up, because I’m sure he hears about it constantly. Being an Olympic weightlifter and also being Bruce Wilh... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 120

This month, we'll feature some cooked fruit recipes. These are simple and can be used at breakfast, post-training, or really anytime. Those who have digestive difficulties with fruit may find they tolerate cooked fruit better than raw. You can really... Continue reading
Weightlifting News: Issue 120

Upcoming National Meets 2015 National Junior Championships: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, February 12-15 Athlete/ Team Registration   2015 Arnold Classic Weightlifting Championships: Columbus, Ohio, March 5-8 Registration   Upcoming I... Continue reading
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