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Ask Greg: Issue 143

Nick Asks: I see a lot of information about lifting programs for older adults and basically people who have completely finished maturing. What if I'm 20 years old, already have a large fitness base and okay work capacity? How should I approach tr... Continue reading
Competition Strategy in Weightlifting: Being Conservative vs. Going for Broke

Let’s talk about weightlifting competition, shall we? It’s always a good subject to go back to because every one of you is either a competitive lifter, thinking about becoming a competitive lifter, coaching competitive lifters, or interes... Continue reading
Off And Running With Resistance: An Approach For Longevity

I was recently asked the question, “If there was one major change you would make in the training process in the past, what would that be?” My answer was my models and ideas on muscle endurance and its progression. You see, sometimes thing... Continue reading
A Meditation Primer

Meditating can be one of those annoying things that you already know they should do, but never get around to doing, like flossing, or changing your oil. But since you’re a Performance Menu reader, you are of above average intelligence, and like... Continue reading
True or False: Standing Desks Are Better For You

Recently, it’s been widely reported that sitting too much is bad for you. Studies suggest that it’s associated with an increased risk of dying, especially from problems relating to cardiovascular disease. More surprisingly, this associati... Continue reading
Non-compete Agreements: Valid Or Void?

The $24.2 billion United States fitness industry includes 36,180 gyms and 279, 100 personal trainers. No one thinks of a "bad breakup" between the trainer and the gym at the start of the working relationship, but it can and does happen. A g... Continue reading
Interview: JP Nicoletta

Right before I did this interview, I went back in the article file I keep on my computer and counted how many Performance Menu interviews I’ve done so far. The number is 35, including this one. Then I went back and counted how many of the peopl... Continue reading
Weightlifting News: Issue 143

Upcoming National Meets   December 8-11 American Open 2016 (Orlando, Florida) February 23-26 Junior National Championships (Kansas City, Missouri) March 16-19 American Open Series 1 (Reno, Nevada) April 6-9 University Nationals and Under 25... Continue reading
Incorporating Endurance Training into Weightlifting (Seriously…)

Believe it or not, I’m going to write this month about adding endurance sport activities to your weightlifting training. First of all, half of you are automatically thinking I’m off my rocker. I’m an Olympic weightlifter.  A... Continue reading
Coming Back After A Bad Meet

Weightlifting is a physically, mentally, and emotionally brutal sport. Outside of an injury, nothing is worse than a bad meet, whether that’s a bomb out, failing to achieve a qualifying total, narrowly missing out on a medal, or simply not perf... Continue reading
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