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Ask Greg: Issue 127

Gavin Asks: I’m having big problems progressing any of my squats. I have a weight shift when under heavy load and am finding it really hard to correct it. Would appreciate any ideas as to correct this movement pattern. I have added BOSU ball sq... Continue reading
10 Years of Nutrition

The changing styles of my recipes over the years reflect my changing views on nutrition. I have experimented with a lot of things and have made significant changes along the way. I want to share some things I've seen in practice over the last decade.... Continue reading
Selecting the Right Exercises for Your Program

Let’s talk a little more about selecting the right lifts and exercises for your training program. I know we’ve gone over this before, but I got some more thoughts about it this morning while I was eating a burrito. It occurred to me r... Continue reading
Optimal Lab Ranges for Performance Athletes Part 2: Oxygen deliverability, Liver Function, and Kidney Function

Most lab tests and blood tests are designed to diagnose and treat illness and disease with medications or surgery. Strength and power athletes present a unique blood profile that most physicians will simply write off as "normal," even thoug... Continue reading
10 Tips for Better Coaching

I have coached for thousands of hours in CrossFit gyms in New York City and Kansas City, Missouri. I have worked with absolute beginners, has-beens, and elite athletes. I believe your time in the gym should be the best hour(s) of your day, whether yo... Continue reading
Becoming a Weightlifting Coach Part 3: Seven Deadly Coaching Sins

Until recently, when my lifters addressed me as Coach, I would look around confused, wondering who they might be talking to. I’m getting over that one now and beginning (slowly) to fill out this new role in my life. In some ways I suppose this ... Continue reading
Interview: Cameron Swart

Cameron Swart is a big boy from Texas. In case you don’t know, big boys from Texas play football. I think it’s actually written into the state constitution. However, most of these big boys finish their football careers and then walk away ... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 127

10 years ago this month, my first recipes debuted in the Performance Menu. I had been down visiting Robb in Chico, CA and brought a dish or two that I had cooked. Robb asked me if I wanted to contribute some recipes, and the rest is history! I can't ... Continue reading
Weightlifting News: Issue 127

 Upcoming National Meets   2015 National Championships: Dallas, TX, August 13-16   2015 National University Championships: Ogden, UT, September 24-27   2015 American Open Championships: Reno, NV, December 3-6   Upcomi... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 126

Tim Asks: Quick background about me; I am in the military and have been lifting weights for 13 years. I have been doing Olympic lifts on and off during this time and have yet to accomplish my goals. I have typically used the lifts as a means of condi... Continue reading
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