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Ask Greg: Issue 141

Nic Asks: My question is how the hell do I stop being afraid of the bar? I'm a solid year into Olympic/CrossFit style training, and still find myself absolutely hesitant around higher percentages of my C&J & Snatch, both of which I'm ... Continue reading
The Opinions of Others in Your Weightlifting Life

Let me tell you a little fictional inspirational story I heard a long time ago. I don’t know who told me this story for the first time, but I’ve remembered it over the years. And I actually cheated today when I needed to remember the exac... Continue reading
Are Weightlifters Really Lacking Posterior Chain Work?

Weightlifters need stronger posterior chains. I’ve heard that more times than I can count, and always from someone outside the weightlifting community. I don’t want to say where they’re nearly always from… but it’s powe... Continue reading
Figure Out The Best Training Option For Your Unique Circumstances

Can’t decide between the myriad ways to get your sweat on? You’re not alone. There are so many choices: that new program everyone’s talking about in your favorite online forum, the bootcamp in the park by your house, the personal tr... Continue reading
Sustainable Resistance

When force is applied at a high rate of tension, in most systems, there will be eventual failure or fatigue that accumulates. Humans are set up in a similar way, primarily for protective reasons. With all things being equal, the reason for someone fa... Continue reading
Establishing A Weightlifting Program In A Franchise

Olympic weightlifting and franchise gyms have both been around for years but have been typically been separated. With the recent explosion of Olympic weightlifting outside the strength and conditioning community, that separation is about to become ob... Continue reading
Interview: Ben Claridad

When you’ve been in the sport of Olympic weightlifting for over two decades, you hear a lot of stories about how our top national-level lifters got introduced to the game. One of the most standard progressions you hear is when a lifter says, &l... Continue reading
Weightlifting News: Issue 141

Upcoming National Meets December 8-11 American Open 2016 (Orlando, FL)   Upcoming International Meets October 20-25 IWF Youth World Championships (Penang, Malaysia) November 13-17 FISU World University Championships (Merida, Mexico) &n... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 140

Erika Asks: Hi Coach, I’ve just started Olympic Lifting a couple months ago and I'm having issues with my catch position in the clean. I can easily power clean 115#s but I'm unable to do a full clean with more than 110#s and I can't... Continue reading
The Fairness of Retesting Athletes for Drugs

I spent a few days trying to decide if I wanted to write this article or not. That’s not because it’s going to be risqué, overly controversial, or inappropriate. My debate was happening because it’s about the current drug sit... Continue reading
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