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Ask Greg: Issue 144

Juli Asks: I never properly learned how to receive an overhead bar to the back (for example: overhead squats out of the rack and re-racking for multiple sets.) I tried it once last year (working up in weight) but my body felt like it had been in a ca... Continue reading
Post-Meet Training: So Much Room For Activities!

I’m writing this article on my laptop, sitting on a plane flying to the 2016 American Open in Orlando, Florida. It’s a long flight from Phoenix, and I decided to spend the time putting together some information you should be able to use. ... Continue reading
When You and Weightlifting Have Been On a Break

I haven’t lifted in a few months. Okay, that’s not strictly true, but I know I haven’t picked up a barbell more than four or five times in the last six months. It wasn’t like I planned to stop, but at some point, I stopped tur... Continue reading
Beyond Resolutions: Seven Things To Try In 2017

Every January, a slew of Americans who have gorged themselves over the holidays while binge watching some new Netflix series (hey, we’ve all been there) decide to turn over a new leaf and sign up for gym memberships. (Some of them even stick ar... Continue reading
True or false: Core Stability Training Can Help to Cure Your Back Pain

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade or so, you’ve probably heard everyone from physical therapists and personal trainers to women’s magazines and internet articles promising a “total body transformation&... Continue reading
How To Coach Youth Weightlifting When You Don't Understand Kids

Whitney Houston belted, "the children are our future." That may be a universal truth, but it's also the unspoken motto of any country's weightlifting program. After all, novelty-sized youth lifters turn into larger than life Olympic... Continue reading
Interview: Chelsea Ryan

This interview is a special one for me because I had the pleasure of coaching Chelsea Ryan at her first National Championship in 2014. That nationals was a huge one for Catalyst Athletics, with Greg and Aimee bringing a big squad of lifters to rock a... Continue reading
Weightlifting News: Issue 144

New American Records   CJ Cummings (69kg) set new Youth (16-17) and Jr. American records in the snatch with 138kg, the clean and jerk with 183kg, and the total with 321kg (being his previous records). The clean and jerk and total were also ne... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 143

Nick Asks: I see a lot of information about lifting programs for older adults and basically people who have completely finished maturing. What if I'm 20 years old, already have a large fitness base and okay work capacity? How should I approach tr... Continue reading
Competition Strategy in Weightlifting: Being Conservative vs. Going for Broke

Let’s talk about weightlifting competition, shall we? It’s always a good subject to go back to because every one of you is either a competitive lifter, thinking about becoming a competitive lifter, coaching competitive lifters, or interes... Continue reading
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