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Six Fundamental Weightlifting Program Rules

So…programming. I’ve written about it several times, along with Greg, every other coach in the sport, every other athlete in the sport, every CrossFit coach in every box in the world, and every newbie who’s been in the game for 18 ... Continue reading
Signs That Weightlifting is Just A Hobby

Brand new Volt Nike Romaleos. Volt Nike socks. Purple and Volt Nike tights to match.   Fresh straps for snatches and pulls and black ACE bandages for squats. Iced coffee in one hand, iPhone in the other--you know, to catch the next PR to post ... Continue reading
Fake It ‘Til You Make It: How To Coach Non-Athletes At Your Gym

So you’ve been coaching for a really long time and as much as you love helping brand new clients with bodyweight squat progressions, working with CrossFit athletes training for the Open on increasing their max rep kipping pullups is what makes ... Continue reading
True or false: women have a higher pain tolerance than men

There’s a popular theory (popular, at least, with 50 percent of the population) that when it comes to tolerating pain, women are tougher than men. We’re built to tolerate childbirth, after all – and it doesn’t get much tougher... Continue reading
Paleo For Performance

In an effort to optimize our performance and health, we, as athletes, will often tirelessly search for the best in nutrition, training and recovery to accomplish our goals. While a new way of eating seems to be published daily, the Paleo diet continu... Continue reading
Interview: Samantha Kleinschmidt

Successful national-level Olympic lifters who started in CrossFit and discovered they were better at weightlifting…they’re popping up all over the place these days, aren’t they? It’s becoming a common progression story in our... Continue reading
Weightlifting News: Issue 146

Upcoming National Meets March 16-19 American Open Series 1 (Reno, Nevada) April 6-9 University Nationals and Under 25 Championships (Gainesville, Florida) May 11-14 USAW Nationals (Chicago, Illinois) June 22-25 USAW Youth Nationals (Atlanta, GA... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 145

Kelly Asks: Hey Greg! If a woman is a proficient lifter and would like to do a 6 week classic cycle for example, during pregnancy, is there anything you would recommend be modified about it? Thanks so much!   Greg Says: First of all, I’m... Continue reading
Do Sprints and Plyometrics Make You More Explosive in the Olympic Lifts?

When I was a kid playing high school football in a small town, I once asked my coach about what college players were like. We lived in East Jesus Nowhere, so I had never seen a big-time athlete up close, but my coach had played college ball back in t... Continue reading
Four Rookie Mistakes I Made When I Started Writing Weightlifting Programs

People often refer to the practice of coaching as an art, and in many ways, it is. While there are inarguably fundamentals that must be learned by the prospective coach, there is also much that is to do with stylistic nuance and creativity. But I thi... Continue reading
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