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Pros and Cons of Competing if You Aren't Going to Win

If your name is not Mattie Rogers or Harrison Maurus, you shouldn’t even bother competing. You’re not going to win anyways, and you will never make it to the highest levels of the sport. You probably can’t even make it to Nationals ... Continue reading
True or False: Protein Shakes Will Improve Your Performance

Sports nutrition is big business. For those of us who invest large amounts of time and energy to improve our PBs by fractions of a percentage point, the idea that we could almost effortlessly increase our gains just by taking the right supplements is... Continue reading
The Effects of Ketogenic Diets on Athletic Performance

No nutrition plan works well for everyone, and no one plan will work for your entire life. It might not even work for an entire week! Nutrition plans need to take many factors into account, both related to the body (e.g., current body mass and compos... Continue reading
How To Safely Incorporate Gymnastics Movements into Strength Training Programs

Impressive gymnastics poses are the envy of social media perusers, and it’s thanks partly to those gawk-worthy online platforms and the phenomenon that is CrossFit that has many gym goers trying their hand at a sport that in their mind used to ... Continue reading
Why Explosive Work Should be a Part of Your Training Program

Explosive movements are generally described as max motor recruitment of muscle fibers in a small or limited period of time. In English, that means that explosive movements are ones that cause the muscles to contract at a very high rate for a very sho... Continue reading
How New Technology Can Make You Faster and Stronger

Did you know that there are a number of technologies with proven positive effects on qualities like strength, plyometrics and speed? Whether you are an elite athlete or simply looking to improve your lifting performance in the gym, new technology can... Continue reading
Interview: Megan Kranz

I don’t want to dump on Olympic weightlifting because it’s a sport I love deeply, and it’s been one of the foundations of my life since I was a teenager. But I have to be honest about all the positives and negatives it has, you know... Continue reading
Weightlifting News: Issue 156

Upcoming National Meets February 15-18, National Junior Championships in Spokane, WA March 1-4, AO Series 1 at the Arnold in Columbus, OH April 19-22 National University Under 25 Championships in Ogden, UT May 24-27 2018 National Championships ... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 155

Dave Asks: How much does technique contribute to lifting the bigger weights?   Greg Says: Technique is what allows the optimal use of the lifter’s available strength. For any given level of basic strength a lifter possesses, technical p... Continue reading
The Development of Women’s Weightlifting

Because I’ve been involved in Olympic weightlifting for a very long time, people often ask me, “What are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen in the sport over the years?”   Actually, that’s a lie. Nobody ever ... Continue reading
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