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True or False: Running Is Bad For Your Knees

“I love running, but I know it’s bad for my knees. I keep thinking I should give it up.” It’s something I hear often from my clients. The idea that running is bad for the joints, and that “low impact activities”... Continue reading
Interview: Mary Peck

Folks, I’ve been saying it for years and years. If you want to recruit great female talent into Olympic weightlifting, look for ex-gymnasts. (Actually, a lot of people say that. But I’m old, so I’ve been saying it longer.)   ... Continue reading
Weightlifting News: Issue 150

Upcoming National Meets July 28-31 AO Series 2 (Miami, FL) September 8-10 AO Series 3 (Grand Rapids, MI) December 7-10 AO Championships (Anaheim, CA)   Upcoming International Meets July 23-27 Pan-American Championships (Miami, Florida)... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 149

Rene Asks: How do I fix awkward foot position when catching a snatch or a clean? The inner side of my foot is always first in the ground and my foot is also turned out too much. Thanks.   Greg Says: Usually this is a combination of immobility ... Continue reading
How Weightlifters Develop the Same Personalities as their Coaches

Let’s talk a little bit about the personality dynamics we see in our glorious life of Olympic weightlifting, shall we? As I write this article, I’m approaching my 29th year in the game. Serving that amount of time brings about a lot of th... Continue reading
Just enter your first weightlifting competition already (and then forget about it)

Weightlifters who put off competing are doing things all backwards, as far as I’m concerned. The point of training as a weightlifter surely ought to be to compete. The competitive experience is so essential to Olympic weightlifting that it&rsqu... Continue reading
Questions to Ask Before Opening Your Own Gym

The turf is always greener in another sports performance facility, right? Many strength sport business owners seem to think so. That, coupled with egos, are why you see a new sports performance facility or organized sports club popping up every time ... Continue reading
True or False: A Difference In Leg Length Often Causes Back Pain

Whether we’re aware of it or not, most of us have a slight difference in the length of our legs. In the majority of cases, this is relatively small – the average difference is about half a centimeter or so (and, in case you were wondering... Continue reading
5 Steps for Dealing with Joint Pain and Inflammation

Many athletes ignore injuries and joint pain. That’s not actually all that unexpected. Running to the hospital every time you get a bump or bruise can be a waste of time, so it often makes sense to take a few days to see whether something will ... Continue reading
Interview: Edward Baker

When I started Olympic weightlifting back in the late 1980s, I found out almost immediately about a place called Coffee’s Gym in Georgia. Coffee’s was the dominant force in US women’s weightlifting for several years, basically ownin... Continue reading
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