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Featured Articles

Ask Greg: Issue 73

Mike Asks: Greg, Aimee, I’ve got a question. What’s the difference, if any, when conducting strength training and the sets and rep scheme is either 5 sets of 3 reps or 3 sets of 5 reps. Conditions: the lifter is new (linear progression/n... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 154

Elbow Woes Asks: My question is essentially: what causes pressouts? Anatomically, I have pretty good elbows for locking out. When the weight is about 90% I have noticed I sometimes bobble my elbow in the hole of a snatch. Not a lot but definitely eno... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 88

Blake Asks: I have been doing Olympic lifts and have been involved in strength and conditioning for about a year now. I love the website and I always make a point to check it out at least once a day. I noticed, in the training videos, that when you g... Continue reading