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Featured Articles

Ask Greg: Issue 76

Mike Asks: Please consider a Newsletter or other forum for discussing the rationale and recovery implications for training multiple days in a row. I know those in the Oly community take it for granted that a 3 or 4 on, 1 off schedule is standard, but... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 80

Steve Asks: Years ago I understood that in order to increase muscle size/strength that there was scientific information that instructed us to overload and muscle to failure or almost failure and than to rest that muscle for 40 hours in order to recov... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 93

Tom Asks: How would you program training sessions for someone O-lifting twice per week? I'm not a weightlifter, but I train the lifts twice a week as part of a general 'athletic performance' orientated program (the rest is 5/3/1 strength stuff and co... Continue reading