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Featured Articles

Ask Greg: Issue 101

Rob Asks: Recently at our local crossfit box, we were practicing the push press. Our trainer politely corrected our flaws and then we did a 7x3 at a fixed weight. One of his pet peeves was that people’s heels came off of the ground as they gene... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 75

Mike Asks: I have been swinging kettlebells for about forty years. I have old Milo kettlebells that were at least forty years old back when I started. I have a pretty good collection of old books, magazines and "courses" going back more tha... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 88

Blake Asks: I have been doing Olympic lifts and have been involved in strength and conditioning for about a year now. I love the website and I always make a point to check it out at least once a day. I noticed, in the training videos, that when you g... Continue reading