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True or False: Sprinters are Born, Not Made

This month, we ask why is it that some people seem to be effortlessly fast and explosive, while others struggle to generate the same “pop”... Continue reading
What is this Force-Velocity Curve of Which You Speak?

Before you start to think this has to do with how fast the bar moves in some curved pattern, let’s get down to what the title really means. The ... Continue reading
How New Technology Can Make You Faster and Stronger

Did you know that there are a number of technologies with proven positive effects on qualities like strength, plyometrics and speed? Whether you are a... Continue reading
True or False: Exercise Improves Brain Function

Cognitive enhancement has become a popular theme in the self-improvement world. There are lots of claims for various supplements, brain training progr... Continue reading
A Case for More Unilateral Training

Exercise selection is one of the most important variables in regard to creating adequate training stimulus and adaptations necessary to get stronger, ... Continue reading
Stop Trying to Confuse Your Muscles!

We are all too familiar with the term “muscle confusion.” The concept of “confusing” our bodies by constantly switching exerci... Continue reading
True or False: Deep Squats Are Bad for Your Knees

Knee health is a frequently discussed topic in the fitness community. There’s a lot of popular advice that gets thrown around about things you s... Continue reading
Lower Extremity Strength for Upper Extremity Stability: An Introduction to Myofascial Trains

Athletes in any sport are at high risk for shoulder injuries, especially if they perform overhead movements. The common thought to rehabilitate should... Continue reading
How to Make Your Gym Accessible to Everyone (Rather than Just Your Rock Star Athletes)

Unless you’re running a small, elite club for a few select athletes you hope to hone into Olympians or world champions, you could probably use s... Continue reading
True or False: Running Is Bad For Your Knees

“I love running, but I know it’s bad for my knees. I keep thinking I should give it up.” It’s something I hear often from m... Continue reading
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