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Unplug to Dial-In: Harnessing Your Focus for Bigger Gains

Conventional wisdom routinely offers us athletes and trainers an easy equation: Smart work + Hard work = Progress. This is, of course, easier said tha... Continue reading
Why You Should Get Outside (Especially If You Work Out Where You Work)

Spring is coming, but many of us are still living in all kinds of cold right now. As I write, it’s 27 degrees here in Philadelphia, with the kin... Continue reading
Morning Movement: Why Light Morning Exercise Pays Off Big Time

The early morning sky bursts with every shade of orange, and hundreds of silhouettes are moving within it. It’s dark enough that they look like ... Continue reading
Coaching in a World Full of Apps

When I began training clients in 2008, the world of mobile fitness apps didn’t exist. Some clients would log their progress in an online journal... Continue reading
Mindfulness & Muscle: How Thinking About Training Can Be Training

“As you think, so shall you become.” —Bruce Lee The mindfulness movement is gaining popularity, and it’s finding applicatio... Continue reading
The Culture of Fitness

Fitness: the state of being suitably adapted to an environment; survival. There is a scene in the movie Ip Man, a film named after the man who serv... Continue reading
Vitor Belfort and the UFC’s TRT Dilemma

At 36-years-old, UFC light heavyweight Vitor Belfort is the best mixed martial artist he’s ever been. On May 18th, he knocked out Luke Rockhold,... Continue reading
Travel Training: Gym Advice from a Travel and Fitness Junkie

I spent six weeks driving from Pennsylvania to California in an attempt to explore America. In Los Angeles, I sold my car and belongings and bought a ... Continue reading
When To Leave The One You’re With

It is a tale of love and loyalty. A love that causes blindness; a loyalty that causes stagnation. When should you leave your gym? When should you leav... Continue reading
Start of Days

There are movies, books, songs, political advertisements, religious texts and environmental organizations that use the phrase “end of days.&rdqu... Continue reading
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