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Ask Greg: Issue 131

Emma Asks: Hi Greg, I am a massive fan of weightlifting, I LOVE to lift. I was wondering if you have any tips on overcoming the fear of catching the s... Continue reading
Reversing the Roles of Coach and Athlete

I have to start this article off by talking about myself before I can transition into talking about you and getting to the point. A few weeks ago, ... Continue reading
True or False: Getting More Sleep Can Help You Lose Weight

It’s an oft-repeated assertion in health magazines, websites and within the fitness community; not getting enough sleep can lead to weight gain.... Continue reading
The Deal with Cancer and Bacon

Recently, the World Health Organization published a short summary article that media outlets got ahold of and wrote about with sensationalistic headli... Continue reading
8 Ways to Keep Motivation High

For many in the weightlifting community, time on the platform is the one sacred time in their week that is totally dedicated to them. It is an hour or... Continue reading
5 Generous Paleo-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas

Whether you stick religiously to your diet over the holidays or work in more than your fair share of cheat days, you might feel a little weird encoura... Continue reading
Coaching in a World Full of Apps

When I began training clients in 2008, the world of mobile fitness apps didn’t exist. Some clients would log their progress in an online journal... Continue reading
Interview: Daniel Camargo

When you’ve been in weightlifting for over a quarter century, you see quite a few talented young lifters come and go. Some of them get labeled a... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 131

Pumpkin Marinara This is a unique and seasonal marinara. You can use it over pasta, spaghetti squash, or any meat and veggie dish. Time: 15 min... Continue reading
Weightlifting News: Issue 131

Upcoming National Meets 2015 American Open Championships: Reno, NV, December 3-6 Upcoming International Meets IWF Grand Prix 5th Russian Fede... Continue reading
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