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Ask Greg: Issue 72

Brian asks: Wouldn't the Jerk Dip Squat be more effective as an explosive exercise? I read a russian book that outlined an exercise of jumping with 50... Continue reading
Our Little Furry Friends

Most of the people I know love dogs and hate cats. Sure, there are exceptions to everything. I know there are a few odd ducks out there who aren&rs... Continue reading
The Ritual of Competition

Athletes are a unique breed of people who bring a sense of passion and ego to any activity they participate in. This is not only accepted but also enc... Continue reading
Mental Game Coaching: An Interview With Bill Cole

The importance of sports psychology in elite athletics was briefly touched upon in our last issue, its importance emphasized by MMA phenom Randy Coutu... Continue reading
When To Leave The One You’re With

It is a tale of love and loyalty. A love that causes blindness; a loyalty that causes stagnation. When should you leave your gym? When should you leav... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 72

This month, we'll look at a couple more Maui inspired recipes, plus we'll delve into a few fermented foods. Also, by popular demand, I’ve includ... Continue reading
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