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Ask Greg: Issue 133

Dave Asks: I am 45. I have been participating in Olympic weight training for around 4 years. I have been recently diagnosed with a torn supraspinatus ... Continue reading
How Tough Should Weightlifting Coaches Be On Their Athletes?

When you’re in weightlifting for a long time and you accumulate a lot of experience, people eventually start to ask you questions. Whether you&r... Continue reading
Injury: Grieving and Getting Past It

Injuries. They happen to the best of us. Whether nagging or serious, injuries throw us off of our game in more ways than one. To not be able to train ... Continue reading
True or False: Organic Fruit & Vegetables are Better For You (and The Environment)

People often perceive food that is labeled “organic” to be healthier, more “natural,” and better for the environment than conv... Continue reading
On Organizing Your First Competition

We recently took the plunge and organised our first Olympic Weightlifting competition. This was a big step for us, and in some respects one in to the ... Continue reading
Morning Movement: Why Light Morning Exercise Pays Off Big Time

The early morning sky bursts with every shade of orange, and hundreds of silhouettes are moving within it. It’s dark enough that they look like ... Continue reading
Should You Keep Doing 30-Day Paleo Challenges?

Years before anybody had heard of the Whole30, Performance Menu cofounder Robb Wolf was, perhaps, one of the first nutrition experts to recommend a 30... Continue reading
Interview: Mike Gattone

No offense meant to any of the wonderful athletes and coaches we’ve previously interviewed for Performance Menu, but this month’s intervie... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 133

Mediterranean Broccoli This is an easy way to add flavor to a simple veggie dish. Time: 5 minutes • 4 cups chopped broccoli Dressi... Continue reading
Weightlifting News: Issue 133

Upcoming National Meets February 18-21- 2016 Junior National Championships and Senior Trials (Philadelphia, PA) May 5-8- USAW National Champions... Continue reading
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