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How to Destroy Your Gym on Social Media

It's no secret that social media presence can help make a newly opened gym successful. Marketing with Facebook and Instagram is free, so there'... Continue reading
Questions to Ask Before Opening Your Own Gym

The turf is always greener in another sports performance facility, right? Many strength sport business owners seem to think so. That, coupled with ego... Continue reading
Non-compete Agreements: Valid Or Void?

The $24.2 billion United States fitness industry includes 36,180 gyms and 279, 100 personal trainers. No one thinks of a "bad breakup" betwe... Continue reading
Legal Considerations When Entering A Sponsorship

Sponsorships are much like singlets: one size does not fit all. In fact, sponsorships are as unique and diverse as the brands they represent. Sponsors... Continue reading
Common Gym Liability Concerns And How To Alleviate Them

As a gym owner or coach, you go into your facility every day wanting to help people change their lives. Unfortunately, not every day will be full of s... Continue reading
How to Run a Gym Without Being a Classist Asshole

We all know someone who’s made phenomenal strides in a sport—or in their own fitness journey—in spite of seemingly insurmountable od... Continue reading
How to Write Your First Fitness Article

Have you been coaching for a while and now it's time to prove your know-how in print? Are you tired of answering the same questions again and again, a... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 120

This month, we'll feature some cooked fruit recipes. These are simple and can be used at breakfast, post-training, or really anytime. Those who have d... Continue reading
Don't Be A Tool: An Open Letter To Coaches

Any coach worth their salt knows the value of fundamentals. No matter how advanced an athlete is, going back to the basics from time to time to contin... Continue reading
Millennials In Your Gym (And How To Keep Them There)

“If I knew someone was only going to stay six months, I would have never taken them on as a student.” Those exact words were spoken by a c... Continue reading
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