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Simple Dumbbell Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

Dumbbells are everywhere: gyms, hotels, schools, your grandparent’s basement… there are bound to be a range of dumbbells lying around som... Continue reading
How to Write Your First Fitness Article

Have you been coaching for a while and now it's time to prove your know-how in print? Are you tired of answering the same questions again and again, a... Continue reading
10 Tips for Better Coaching

I have coached for thousands of hours in CrossFit gyms in New York City and Kansas City, Missouri. I have worked with absolute beginners, has-beens, a... Continue reading
Your Most Dangerous Client

As group fitness coaches, we do our best to avoid injuring our athletes. We protect them from their environment and from each other, but how do we pro... Continue reading
Mike McGivern. Powerlifter.

I met Mike McGivern a couple of days before his wedding. It was raining. His fiancé was very worried about it doing the same on their big day. ... Continue reading
Buddy Workouts

Do you hate doing conditioning or accessory work but know you should be doing them? Are you looking for fun new workouts to do in your group fitness c... Continue reading
Training for Benchmark Workouts

Fitness folk around the world are talking about Fran, Diane, Annie and all the other popular CrossFit Benchmark workouts (The Girls.) They're tough wo... Continue reading
Unconventional movements to add to your conditioning workouts

Those privy to the functional fitness scene are very familiar with the so-called "conventional” exercises in WODs and competitive exercise ... Continue reading
Creating a Maintenance Program for Personalized Improvement

How does maintaining an aspect of your fitness improve your fitness? At the end of an Olympic weightlifting-focused cycle, you PR with a bodyweight sn... Continue reading
Simple Template for Writing Your Own Conditioning Workouts Part 2: Application

In last month’s article, “Foundations,” we laid groundwork for conditioning workouts by investigating best practices, realizing time... Continue reading
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