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How to Prevent Coaching Burnout

Many coaches get off by telling the world how many hours they've worked that day or how they haven't had a vacation in years. While there is s... Continue reading
How to Destroy Your Gym on Social Media

It's no secret that social media presence can help make a newly opened gym successful. Marketing with Facebook and Instagram is free, so there'... Continue reading
Questions to Ask Before Opening Your Own Gym

The turf is always greener in another sports performance facility, right? Many strength sport business owners seem to think so. That, coupled with ego... Continue reading
When to Fire an Athlete

Coaching manuals tell you what to look for when conducting athlete movement assessments, what cues are beneficial, and how to train special population... Continue reading
Over-coaching Ruins Your Athletes and Your Reputation

On the surface, coaching seems easy. You yell a cue. You make a grandiose speech before the big competition. You somehow turn a rag-tag team of misfit... Continue reading
Trainer Risk Management

Trainers are the face of a gym, whether you want to admit it or not.  The last thing you need as a gym owner is a lawsuit from a trainer's di... Continue reading
How To Coach Youth Weightlifting When You Don't Understand Kids

Whitney Houston belted, "the children are our future." That may be a universal truth, but it's also the unspoken motto of any country... Continue reading
Non-compete Agreements: Valid Or Void?

The $24.2 billion United States fitness industry includes 36,180 gyms and 279, 100 personal trainers. No one thinks of a "bad breakup" betwe... Continue reading
Training Special Populations

Not every person that comes through your door is going to be an elite athlete or in perfect health. Some individuals will come in with various injurie... Continue reading
Establishing A Weightlifting Program In A Franchise

Olympic weightlifting and franchise gyms have both been around for years but have been typically been separated. With the recent explosion of Olympic ... Continue reading
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