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Ask Greg: Issue 153

Jonathan Asks: When performing a lift, many lifters jump forward instead of back on their heels. What is a good way to fix this issue?   Greg S... Continue reading
Your Checklist for a Weightlifting Comeback (You’re Gonna Need It)

Let’s talk about comebacks, shall we? A comeback is any situation where you return to success after being knocked down to the bottom. Those knoc... Continue reading
Conditioning and Weightlifting: Some Thoughts on the Confusion

There’s a lot of talk about weightlifting, conditioning, CrossFit, and how they can all fit together if you want to do everything. The goal of t... Continue reading
True or False: Caffeine is Bad For You

Full disclosure: I’m writing this while drinking my 3rd coffee of the day. I’ve tried not to let this influence my judgment. Caffeine ... Continue reading
How to Prevent Coaching Burnout

Many coaches get off by telling the world how many hours they've worked that day or how they haven't had a vacation in years. While there is s... Continue reading
Mobility: Where to Start and How to Progress

Working on your mobility is just like working on anything else: if you’d like to get better at it, training specificity matters, training freque... Continue reading
Becoming a Better Desk Job Weightlifter

Everything about a desk job, with the exception of practicing how to sit and rest, works against your ability to become the best weightlifter you can ... Continue reading
Interview: Erin Wallace Andica

There’s a pretty crazy coincidence in this issue of Performance Menu. In addition to this interview, I have an article in here about making a co... Continue reading
Weightlifting News: Issue 153

Upcoming National Meets December 7-10 AO Championships (Anaheim, CA)   Upcoming International Meets October 21-28 Youth Pan Ams (Cali, Co... Continue reading
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