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Ask Greg: Issue 93

Tom Asks: How would you program training sessions for someone O-lifting twice per week? I'm not a weightlifter, but I train the lifts twice a week... Continue reading
The Long Road to London Bronze: Interview with Canada’s Christine Girard

The London Olympics was a special time for everybody in the weightlifting community. We all watched for days as world records were smashed, new champi... Continue reading
Five Cool Things You May Not Need To Do

If you read enough blog posts and magazine articles on regular basis, it will soon become apparent there are about a million things you should be doin... Continue reading
Prioritizing Olympic Weightlifting for CrossFit Competition Training

CrossFit athletes around the world are hungry for quality programming that will give them the support they need to perform well in competition. Mainsi... Continue reading
Kettlebells: To Swing or Not to Swing

A Brief History In 2001, Rolling Stone called the kettlebell the “Hot Weight of the Year.” In the years since, there has been a massive... Continue reading
The Burpee

The burpee is perhaps the most ubiquitous exercise of the current fitness world. Not so long ago, it was relegated to the depths of our collective mem... Continue reading
Training Program for Matt Foreman, October-December 1993 Calpian Weightlifting Club, Auburn, Washington

This is the seventh and final section of my 1993 training program. For those of you who haven’t been following these articles in recent months, ... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 93

I'm featuring many ingredients straight from my garden this month, plus we'll revisit the chestnut for the first time in quite a few years. Chestnu... Continue reading
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