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Ask Greg: Issue 91

Jessica Asks: I've been religiously watching your videos for about a month now and am amazed at the speed at which Aimee gets under the bar!! I’... Continue reading
Technical Strength: The Only Thing That Matters

I’m not going to use any funny stories or references to get the ball rolling for this month’s article. No lead-in humor, no spicy tales to... Continue reading
Olympic Lifting for the College Football Player

Olympic weightlifting has long been used in numerous American football organizations to increase athletic performance. The University of Minnesota is ... Continue reading
The Optimization of Vitamin & Mineral Support For Tissue Healing After Athletic Training Part 4: Folate and Vitamin E

Most athletes and coaches understand the important role that naturally occurring anti-inflammatory fatty acids play in recovery from intensive trainin... Continue reading
Coaching Naturally: MovNat’s Best Practices and an Epiphany on Running

“Remember when you were a kid and there was nothing more you loved to do more than running?” MovNat founder Erwan Le Corre asked me. It&rs... Continue reading
6 Ways To Tighten Down the Loose Screws In Your Business

Coaching growth-obsessed entrepreneurs is a wild ride. Everyone’s got the same good, bad and ugly stuff to deal with. Everyone has the same drea... Continue reading
Training Program for Matt Foreman, August-September 1993 Calpian Weightlifting Club, Auburn, Washington

This is the fifth section of my 1993 training program. For those of you who haven’t been following these articles in recent months, my entire tr... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 91

Overnight Beef Heart We'll revisit beef heart this month. Here is a very simple way to prepare it. Active time: 3-4 minutes Cooking time: overn... Continue reading
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