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Using Bulgarian Split Squats in Your Training to Improve Strength, Power, and Performance

Ask anyone what the best exercise is to build leg strength and power and you’re bound to hear traditional (bilateral-2 legged) back squats. Howe... Continue reading
Squats: Maximize Performance Benefits With Rock Solid Form

Mastering squats is essential for success in Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, sports performance, and general fitness, but when you look around th... Continue reading
The Importance of Emphasizing Power Training in Older Clients

Muscular power is the ability to quickly generate force, apply it to a load and successfully complete an action. Although we routinely schedule progra... Continue reading
Maintaining Testosterone Levels at their Peak as You Age

Turn on your TV, page through the sports section of your local paper, or pick up any men’s magazine and you’re bound to see an ad describi... Continue reading
Utilizing Post Activation Potentiation to Maximize Power Output

How many of us early in our training history looked at the warm-up as just some time for a little stretching, coupled with a little cardio before hitt... Continue reading
When Lifting, Think Down Not Out to Get Under the Bar

Renewed interest in Olympic lifting has student athletes all over the country hoisting weights over their heads looking to improve their athletic perf... Continue reading
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