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Ask Greg: Issue 115

Tony Asks: I'm one of the coaches for and a competitive member of the Leadville Lifters weightlifting team in Leadville, CO. Over the past few mon... Continue reading
About This Feud Between O-Lifting and CrossFit

Olympic weightlifting is a very old sport. Most of you probably know that already. It’s been around for over 100 years, going all the way back t... Continue reading
Creating a Maintenance Program for Personalized Improvement

How does maintaining an aspect of your fitness improve your fitness? At the end of an Olympic weightlifting-focused cycle, you PR with a bodyweight sn... Continue reading
Putting the Cart Before the Horse: Lifting Prerequisites

Lately a lot has been done to revive the popularity of Weightlifting in America. The 2013 American Open was the biggest competition in the world that ... Continue reading
Human Patterning

Blake: Honestly Commissioner, I don't know anything about civil engineering. Commissioner Gordon: But you know about patterns. Keep looking. In ... Continue reading
The Rise of Competitive Fitness and How to Run Your Own Competition

Competitive fitness has been around since the Ancient Olympics, where the first pentathlon was held in 708 BC. Perseus was the credited with being th... Continue reading
Maintaining Testosterone Levels at their Peak as You Age

Turn on your TV, page through the sports section of your local paper, or pick up any men’s magazine and you’re bound to see an ad describi... Continue reading
True or false: Ice is Good for Minor Injuries

It's a no-brainer for anything you've hurt: Whatever it is, wherever it is, put an ice pack on it. From bruises on up to sprains and muscle pulls and ... Continue reading
Athlete Interview: Kara Doherty

These days, it’s much easier than it used to be if you’re an Olympic lifter and you’re looking for a place to train. Because of the ... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 115

Cardamom Cherry Beef A quick and unique summer slow cooker recipe! Active Time: 15 minutes Cooking Time: 6+ hours • 1 lb. cherries &bu... Continue reading
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