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The 10-Minute Rule: Simplistic Guidelines For Efficiently Scaling CrossFit Workouts

If you're a CrossFit coach, you've likely heard this question over and over again. “How much weight do I use?” Or, if you've just shown yo... Continue reading
Hitting a Wall In Your Training: Sometimes It's A Good Thing

A couple of weeks ago, I was going over material for a squat workshop I had planned for my trainers. We were going to review--in some cases, introduce... Continue reading
Wheat Belly – Dr. William Davis's Minimal Effort, Maximal Return Approach to Healthy Lifestyle

Although physically active from an early age, I never really started to address the diet side of health, fitness and performance until late in my coll... Continue reading
My First MovNat Experience

I had heard about MovNat several months ago when it was referenced on one of Robb Wolf's podcasts. Eventually I came across this video and was immedia... Continue reading
Programming Options: The Play Day

In last month's installment, we used the concept of the 'Bucket List' the help ensure that clients get a regular frequent exposure to foundational str... Continue reading
Programming Options Part I: 'The Bucket List'

Setting up monthly programming can be a challenge for owners of the micro-gym running group classes. Sometimes it's tough to match training objectives... Continue reading
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