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Ask Greg: Issue 85

Matt Asks: I bought the Olympic weightlifting book by Tommy Kono and watched a few of his videos. I noticed that he recommends to have your shoulders ... Continue reading
Choker to Gamer: Mental Changes Over Time

We’re going to start this month’s article with an odd little task, and it involves you thinking about something that probably bothers you ... Continue reading
Optimal Strength Training for Endurance

Before we get into anything else, strength training wise, the first question that needs to be answered is WHY? Why is strength training for endurance ... Continue reading
Back to Basics: A Case for Bulgarian Training

It should come as no surprise to anyone who has read my previous articles in Performance Menu that I believe highly in Bulgarian training principles w... Continue reading
Wheat Belly – Dr. William Davis's Minimal Effort, Maximal Return Approach to Healthy Lifestyle

Although physically active from an early age, I never really started to address the diet side of health, fitness and performance until late in my coll... Continue reading
23andMe DNA Decoding: A Review

I’m a sucker for information. So when I heard that 23andMe could provide personal genetic reports for a mere $99 (plus a requisite $9/month per ... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 85

This month features a few recipes and ideas for traveling or taking to seminars. Even if you are not traveling, these ideas will save time in the kitc... Continue reading
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