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Coaches Aren’t That Important…Right?

One of the best pizzas I’ve ever had in my life was from a little Greek place in Seattle called Santorini’s. Tiny hole-in-the-wall restaur... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 82

Claudia Asks: Dear Greg, Aimee or both: I was doing CrossFit for two years but got tired of being constantly injured. My CrossFit gym started a specia... Continue reading
Peak Performance Training: An Interview with Marty Morgan

Perhaps best known for coaching MMA fighters such as Brock Lesnar Pat Barry, Cole Konrad and Tony Ferguson, Marty Morgan picked up most of his knowled... Continue reading
Programming Approach for Sandusky Weightlifting, Revisited

Two years ago, I was asked by Greg Everett to write a series of articles for Performance Menu outlining the training programs I was using to develop t... Continue reading
Programming Options Part I: 'The Bucket List'

Setting up monthly programming can be a challenge for owners of the micro-gym running group classes. Sometimes it's tough to match training objectives... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 82

Mexican Squash Casserole Time: 1 hour • 1 Pumpkin (not a Jack-O-Lantern) • 3 Anaheim peppers • 1.5 lb. chicken breast or thigh ... Continue reading
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