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Work & Power Calculator

In issue 31 of the CrossFit Journal, Coach Greg Glassman calculated the work completed and power generated by an athlete (Greg Amundson) performing the classic diagnostic CrossFit workout “Fran” (21-15-9 reps of 95 lb thrusters and pull-u... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 14

Sloppy Joes Here is a spicy cocoa version of an old favorite. Since we will not be serving this over the traditional hamburger bun, you have several options. I like to make a bed of romaine lettuce and tomato slices, but there are many possibiliti... Continue reading
Alive: An Interview with Matt Thornton

I had the good fortune of spending some time with Kelly and Juliet Starrett, founders of San Francisco CrossFit this past weekend. They are some of my favorite people in the world and Kelly is a GENIUS of physical therapy and rehab. If you get hurt, ... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 13

Thai "Peanut" sauce over spaghetti squash A Thai peanut sauce, without the peanuts! This makes a good high-fat side dish. Prep time 10 minutes Cook time 30 minutes One spaghetti squash 2 Tbsp lemon juice 1/4 cup tamari soy sauce... Continue reading
Parkour: An Interview with Jesse Woody

Describing Parkour isn’t simple. Like CrossFit, Parkour has developed within a global community, absorbing characteristics from its participants—tra¬ceurs—and evolving as they do. It might most easily be considered a combination... Continue reading
CrossFit Pregnancy

This month we have a case study of one woman, Casee Sumter, her pregnancy, the birthing process and con¬current CrossFit training. The mystery and awe of preg¬nancy are enough to make this an interesting and fun endeavor for all concerned, bu... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 12

Eggplant Lasagna 45 minutes - 1 hour (if making marinara sauce) 25 minutes (w/prepared marinara sauce) Here is a Paleo version of an old favorite that usually comes loaded with cheese and pasta. Trust me, you won’t miss the dairy or grai... Continue reading
Power Bias

I have a major bias: I love explosiveness in athletics. Yes, I understand Iron Man is demanding both physically and mentally, but it just does not inspire much passion for me. I have always been more intrigued by sports like weightlifting, boxing and... Continue reading
Exploring Elevation: Progressive Bodyweight Resistance

This is Part 1 in a series of articles that will cov¬er how taking advantage of various mechanical principles can provide incremental resistance for bodyweight exercises. The simplest way is to add weight to your body in the form of a vest, hip b... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 11

This month, I feature a handful of really quick meals for those on the go. You don’t have to resort to the local Quickie Mart; Paleo/Zone goodies are just minutes away! I make a few concessions here from optimal food sources and preparation tec... Continue reading
Showing 970 — 979 of 1008
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