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Testosterone Therapy: An Interview with TC Luoma

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know who TC Luoma is. He’s editor-in-chief of Testosterone Magazine (aka T-Nation), on... Continue reading
Interview: John Romaniello

You may have seen John Romaniello's articles in Men's Health or T-Nation. Or maybe you've seen his image in various supplement or underwear ads. But t... Continue reading
Organic: To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Let's face it. While eating 100% organic food is an ideal many strive for, a variety of circumstances (such as financial constraints or simply conveni... Continue reading
In Your Corner: Book Excerpt

The following is excerpted from In Your Corner: Marketing, Media and PR for MMA Fighters and Managers by Yael Grauer and Brant DeLorenzo. Intervie... Continue reading
The Acid-Alkaline Question

When I was still in high school, I found myself cooking food at a really bizarre dinner party. One of my friends happened to be renting a room from a ... Continue reading
Back to Basics: Rachel Cosgrove

Rachel Cosgrove has really run the gamut in the fitness world. She's completed a full Ironman, set an American record in powerlifting with a 297.6 lb ... Continue reading

For every hundred box gyms in each city, someone somewhere is doing something a little different. Microgyms have been popping out of the woodwork slow... Continue reading
Esther Gokhale: Perfecting Posture

Esther Gokhale has been called the Michael Pollan of posture, but perhaps a comparison to nutrition pioneer Weston Price would be more accurate. Westo... Continue reading
An Interview with Neil Rampe

I first met Neil Rampe when I was looking for someone to help me work through some nagging injuries. My chiropractor told me to refrain from some real... Continue reading
Interview with Roxanne Modafferi

Roxanne Modafferi is an MMA animal. She was the NAGA fighter of the year for 2002, placed third in the Smack Girl World Remix Tournament in 2004 and w... Continue reading
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