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Ask Greg: Issue 130

Charles Asks: An often-quoted figure is that you can lift 81% of your full squat snatch weight with a power snatch movement. Because of one misbehavin... Continue reading
Some Changes I See in Weightlifting

I guess I should start this article by telling you something you already know. Or maybe you don’t know it…I’m not sure. I can&rsquo... Continue reading
True or False: Barefoot Running is Better for You and More Efficient

  People have been running barefoot for most of human history. Specialist running shoes are a relatively recent invention, first appearing in th... Continue reading
Identifying A Good Weightlifting Coach

Weightlifting is a simple sport. You lift a weight from the floor to above the head across two competition lifts. However, the art of doing so in the ... Continue reading
A Primer On Herbalism Part 3: Wherein We Finally Talk About Specific Plants

So we’ve talked about all of the benefits—and drawbacks and limitations—of using herbal remedies, and we’ve delved into many d... Continue reading
Interview: David Garcia

The two best 105 kg weightlifters I’ve seen in the United States since I started my career were Wes Barnett and Pete Kelley. These guys had trem... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 130

 Sweet Salmon Hash A quick recipe using leftover salmon. This makes a good breakfast, or you can enjoy it at anytime. Time: 20 minutes &... Continue reading
Weightlifting News: Issue 130

Upcoming National Meets   2015 American Open Championships: Reno, NV, December 3-6   Upcoming International Meets   2015 IWF Worl... Continue reading
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