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Kettlebells: We Need to Talk

I'll admit it: I've had a historically negative attitude toward kettlebells, at times vehemently so. I'm responsible for numerous iterations of the fo... Continue reading
Sots Press

The Sotts Press is a movement rarely seen outside the weightlifting world (that's weightlifting, sport of, not Dude, I lift weights too). It offers un... Continue reading
A More Civilized Approach to Bleeding: Blood Donation

The promotion of blood donation is invariably approached from the angle of altruism. Promotional strategies emphasize the need for 38,000 pints of blo... Continue reading
The Turkish Get-Up

The Turkish Get-up is one of a great number of effective movements that have been filed away by too many under Inconvenient. The movement is difficult... Continue reading
Women with Real Weights: An Interview with Aimee Anaya & Sage Burgener

This month we talk to a pair of weightlifters—one returning with newfound passion to the sport after a five-year retirement, the other on her fi... Continue reading
The Big Kid's Muscle-Up

The muscle-up has become a standard measure of an individual's development in the realm of real fitness (in contrast to the more common measure of the... Continue reading
Mass! A Complete Guide for Gaining Functional Muscle

Hang around any fitness site long enough and the question of weight gain, or more specifically, muscle gain, will be raised. If you frequent the bodyb... Continue reading
Getting Stiff: A Revisionist Approach to Stretching & Flexibility - Part 2

There is no universal stretching program. There are guidelines to which everyone must adhere to be successful, but success also requires understanding... Continue reading
Getting Stiff: A Revisionist Approach to Stretching & Flexibility - Part 1

The reigning notion of flexibility and stretching is that its relationships to both athletic performance and injury protection are positive and linear... Continue reading
Work & Power Calculator

In issue 31 of the CrossFit Journal, Coach Greg Glassman calculated the work completed and power generated by an athlete (Greg Amundson) performing th... Continue reading
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