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Ask Greg: Issue 97

Robert Asks: Good morning Mr. Everett- I saw an article written by you re: Strength Lifts and classic Lifts for weightlifting from May 2011- very inte... Continue reading
It's All Connected: How Your Personal Life Affects Your Weightlifting

Training programs, technique, nutrition, recovery, exercise selection, volume, etc. etc. etc… These are the subjects that make up your weigh... Continue reading
Creating an Annual Plan

I’ve said this before, but you are going to hear it again. All exercise works, but unless you’ve been getting results, with the same peopl... Continue reading
Staying Consistent: An Interview With Nutrition Coach Adam Gilbert

It’s February 1st. Do you know where your New Year’s resolutions are? Maybe you’re still plugging away on the dietary changes you wa... Continue reading
Utilizing the EMOM in CrossFit Competitive Training

If you follow any current strength and conditioning programs, you have probably come across the word EMOM (read: E mom, think: electronic mother.) EMO... Continue reading
Critical Power as a Measure of Fitness

Critical Power (CP) is a term that is often associated with the sport of cycling. However, it’s a concept that can be used by anyone to track im... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 97

Mixed Greens with Ham by David Watkins This month's guest recipe was written by a good friend of our family who also happens to be an excellent co... Continue reading
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