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How To Safely Incorporate Gymnastics Movements into Strength Training Programs

Impressive gymnastics poses are the envy of social media perusers, and it’s thanks partly to those gawk-worthy online platforms and the phenomen... Continue reading
Pull-up Progression Program

There are many reasons you may be unable to do a pull-up. Maybe you’re too heavy or too weak. Maybe you’re unstable, injured, or immobile.... Continue reading
True or False: You can't build muscle with body weight exercises

They're equally perfect for cramped hotel rooms, sunny days in the park, and snowy days when you can't leave your house. They're cheaper than any gym ... Continue reading
Handstand Walking

When we discuss handstand walking in this article, we are not talking about the aimless staggering that I often see. We are talking about controlled w... Continue reading
The Mental Aspects of the Handstand

Exploring and developing the mental aspects of the handstand can help you develop more confidence and consistency. Call it “clutch,” or wh... Continue reading
Developing the Iron Cross

Training for the iron cross is no joke. The long-term difficulty of attaining this move is similar to the time it takes to acquire strength moves like... Continue reading
Bodyweight Skill Integration

I admire the strongmen and women of old. Here were people who could move a mountain of iron yet could also control themselves in various bodyweight st... Continue reading
Parkour: An Interview with Jesse Woody

Describing Parkour isn’t simple. Like CrossFit, Parkour has developed within a global community, absorbing characteristics from its participants... Continue reading
Exploring Elevation: Progressive Bodyweight Resistance

This is Part 1 in a series of articles that will cov¬er how taking advantage of various mechanical principles can provide incremental resistance f... Continue reading
The Queda de Rins

As part of using a lot of different tools, from various disciplines, and thus trying to achieve a more complete understand¬ing and activation of h... Continue reading
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