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Ask Greg: Issue 78

Anonymous Asks: I know you probably have a lot to do so I'll make this quick. I'm new to Olympic lifting. I'm 26 yrs old 6' 205lbs, powerlifting backg... Continue reading
Your Rounded Back Makes Me Clinically Depressed

Hot diggity dog! I came up with a great idea for an article two days ago. I made the mistake of watching the NBA because it was the final game of the ... Continue reading
The Soviet System Vs. The Bulgarian System of Weightlifting

The Soviet system versus the Bulgarian system has been the question in the minds of weightlifting coaches, athletes, and administrators in this countr... Continue reading
Weightlifting Mesocycles Part 4: Competition Phase for Weightlifters

Last month’s topic, the value of power, is followed with this month’s pinnacle topic of the competition phase. The three previous mesocycl... Continue reading
Interview: Sarah Fragoso of Everyday Paleo

Sarah Fragoso wears many hats. A mother of three active boys, she also works as a Norcal Strength & Conditioning trainer, co-hosts the Paleo Talk ... Continue reading
Altered States: Metabolic Disorders, Obesity and Disease

If you're an exercise professional, then you've probably had a client or two who had systemic inflammation, abdominal obesity, high blood pressure, an... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 78

This month, we'll look at a few quick Indian style dishes. Indian Spiced Cauliflower Stuff the slow cooker before bed, and you'll have a veggie ... Continue reading
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