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6 Steps To Better Delegate, Manage, and Grow a Team

One of the toughest things to do as a coach and business owner is grow beyond yourself. You invest years in acquiring the knowledge required for clien... Continue reading
FIRE DRILL! Get 100 Clients FAST!

Good questions lead to good thinking. One of my favorite quotes I share when teaching sales training is this: “The income you make in your lifet... Continue reading
The 3 MOST Important Questions For Success In Your Business (and Your Life)

Today I travel all over the world supporting THOUSANDS of business owners in America, Canada, the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and more. All in... Continue reading
8 Fundamentals of Leadership

I talk with a lot of coaches and business owners that complain about problems. Problems with non-compliant athletes. Problems with whiny clients who a... Continue reading
6 Ways To Tighten Down the Loose Screws In Your Business

Coaching growth-obsessed entrepreneurs is a wild ride. Everyone’s got the same good, bad and ugly stuff to deal with. Everyone has the same drea... Continue reading
How To Run (And Win) A Race

In high school I ran track. Was captain of my high school team and finished 7th in the state of Massachusetts for the 400m back in 1994, my junior yea... Continue reading
Take ‘ACTIVE’ Responsibility For Your Success and Work Environment

The headline of this article is quote I’ve had on my wall, in one form or another, for about 12 years. It’s something I’m a big beli... Continue reading
Failure is For the Weak

There is a LOT of head trip stuff to success. After coaching a lot of people through the years in both fitness and business, I consistently see th... Continue reading
Are You A Winner…or a Quitter?

As a business coach, I sometimes feel like a broken record. But if something is important, then I feel like it’s my obligation to keep driving t... Continue reading
The WORST Thing About Our Industry

Recently I logged over 15 hours on the phone conducting one-on-one interviews with several clients. And with a couple of them--the newer ones we&rsquo... Continue reading
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