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The Push-up

Yes, the push-up. For a few reasons: One, far too many people push-up like wankers; Two, there is a ridiculous potential for variety; and Three, I did... Continue reading
The Snatch pt 1

The snatch is the first of the two lifts contested in Olympic weightlifting in which the barbell is lifted from the floor to overhead in a single move... Continue reading
Power Position & Transition

The remarkable power found in the snatch, clean and jerk can be attributed primarily to a single, surprisingly brief portion of the entire movement: t... Continue reading
The Windmill

"Prepare yourself for the stinging blades of… The Windmill!" –Max Lewis, News Radio Unfortunately we won’t be discussi... Continue reading
The Olympic Squat

The squat is foundational to the Olympic lifts as a position, a movement and an exercise. Without a well-developed and consistent squat, neither pulli... Continue reading
Windshield Wiper

The term "core training" for me elicits visions of Swiss balls, muscle shirts and male hair care products, along with the according acute ga... Continue reading
Kettlebells: We Need to Talk

I'll admit it: I've had a historically negative attitude toward kettlebells, at times vehemently so. I'm responsible for numerous iterations of the fo... Continue reading
Sots Press

The Sotts Press is a movement rarely seen outside the weightlifting world (that's weightlifting, sport of, not Dude, I lift weights too). It offers un... Continue reading
A More Civilized Approach to Bleeding: Blood Donation

The promotion of blood donation is invariably approached from the angle of altruism. Promotional strategies emphasize the need for 38,000 pints of blo... Continue reading
The Turkish Get-Up

The Turkish Get-up is one of a great number of effective movements that have been filed away by too many under Inconvenient. The movement is difficult... Continue reading
Showing 137 — 146 of 154
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