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Percentage Based MEBB

One poor assumption I have made with regards to lecturing on the Max Effort Black box deals with the athlete’s experience with finding the daily... Continue reading
Advanced Options with the Max Effort Black Box

“I guess I’m an awfully good sponge. I absorb ideas from every course I can, and put them to practical use. Then I improve them until they... Continue reading
How We Plank: A video Tour

There is a dogma that exists in the conditioning world that one only need squat and deadlift to train the core. Raise your hand if you agree. There... Continue reading
Are You Coachable?

Over the past three issues of the Performance Menu we have examined critical components to the advancement of an athlete’s performance developme... Continue reading
Selecting the Proper Tools

To date we have looked at two important components to the training approach. In part one we looked at selling the training benefit. Part two was the t... Continue reading
Determining The Conditioning Approach

With the last edition of the Performance Menu I addressed the need for trainers and athletes to sell the benefits of training. Without a belief in the... Continue reading
Selling the Training Benefit

One of our jobs as fitness coaches and trainers is to convert individuals into lifelong exercisers. This is not an easy task considering that the heal... Continue reading
My Preseason Training Template for Grapplers

As I scan the roster of my high school and collegiate clients over the last few years, I find the majority are from the ranks of wrestling. While I ha... Continue reading
Foam Roller Recovery Moves

As I approach the mid-century mark as an athlete and a coach, I’ve learned much about my own body and the body of my clients. 1. Movement a... Continue reading
The M.E. Black Box for the Family Man

While I’ve had my successes with helping the aspiring athlete run faster, jump higher, and put more weight overhead, I derive the greatest pleas... Continue reading
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