How to Recover Like a Professional Athlete Without the Professional Paycheck
Tanner Martty

To get in shape, you need to work out as much as possible. But how do you attack Wednesday’s training session when you can barely move from Monday’s?

The answer is recovery.

Professional athletes push their bodies to the limit week in and week out over the course of a long season. Teams spare no expense to ensure their players are rested and rejuvenated, but not all of us have Mark Cuban footing the bill. Here’s how to recover like a pro with...

Harrison July 23 2014 8:43 am
Conclusion of the paper listed as a reference:

6. Conclusion
Despite the popularity of hot–cold water immersion as a
recovery modality, little research has been conducted. hot–
cold contrast therapy for acute injuries has been used to
explain the purported physiologic effects for post exercise
recovery. However, the conflict of literature makes it
difficult to give a conclusive mechanism. Additionally, the
guidelines of the duration spent in each water condition,
the repetitions, temperature, the use of underwater jets, the
learning and training effect of the body adapting to the hot–
cold contrast therapy all need to be vigorously investigated
before it can be claimed as an accelerant for aiding

So this article says that there is no scientific evidence to support hot-cold contrast methods as an effective means of recovery despite their popularity.
Thought that was relevant when you have used it to support a post where you say it should be used twice a day.

"Go to bed earlier, even if it means you have to wake up earlier. Hours before midnight count as 1.5 hours as far as your body is concerned."
Do you have any evidence to support this?
How could an hour of sleep at one time, be any more potent than an hour of sleep at another time when an individual's circadian rhythm has not bee considered? (Is there even any evidence to suggest that this could be true at certain points of an individual's circadian rhythm...)

How much does whey from grass fed cows cost, and where can you even buy it?
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