Weightlifting News: Issue 156
Sam Holmes

Upcoming National Meets

February 15-18, National Junior Championships in Spokane, WA
March 1-4, AO Series 1 at the Arnold in Columbus, OH
April 19-22 National University Under 25 Championships in Ogden, UT
May 24-27 2018 National Championships in Overland Park, KS
June 14-17 National Youth Championships in Grand Rapids, MI
July 26-29 AO Series 2 in King of Prussia, PA
Sept. 13-16 AO Series 3 in Las Vegas, NV
Dec. 6-9 AO Finals in Milwaukee, WI
Upcoming International Meets

May 12-19 Pan AM Championships in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
July 6-14 Junior World Championships in Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Sept. 20-23 FISU World University Championships in Biala Podlaska, Poland
USAW Certifications
(all certifications are Sports Performance Coach unless indicated “ASPC” before course instructor’s name)
January 2018
6-7 Brooklyn, NY (John Nicoletta)
6-7 Columbia, MD (Mario Dispenza)
6-7 East Burke, VT (Christopher Polakowski)
6-7 Feasterville, PA (Michael McKenna)
6-7 Topeka, KS (Anna Martin)
6-7 Wilton, CT (Gary Valentine)
12-13 San Jose, CA (Dave Spitz)
13-14 Chantilly, VA (Jami Willette-Brown)
13-14 Healdsburg, CA (Jim Schmitz)
13-14 Madison, TN (ASPC Steve Fauer)
13-14 Mandeville, LA (Kyle Pierce)
13-14 Schaumburg, IL (Roger Nielsen)
13-14 Stewartstown, PA (ASPC Michael McKenna)
19-20 Bridgewater, VA (Jami Willette-Brown)
20-21 Cicero, NY (ASPC John Nicoletta)
20-21 Franklin, MA (Ellyn Robinson)
20-21 Greenville, NC (Dave Kemble)
20-21 Lynnwood, WA (Jim Schmitz)
20-21 Reynoldsburg, OH (Mark Cannella)
20-21 Woodbury, MN (Scott Safe)
21-22 Grinnell, IA (Jed Smith)
27-28 Kileen, TX (David Griffin)
27-28 Lynnwood, WA (Jim Schmitz)
27-28 Nampa, ID (Patrick Corbett)
27-28 North Canton, OH (Daniel Bell)
27-28 Raleigh, NC (Harvey Newton)
27-28 Tampa Bay, FL (Danny Camargo)
February 2018
3-4 Harrisburg, NC (Daniel Rose)
3-4 Hilsboro, OR (John Tieder III)
3-4 Queens, NY (Rustico Mirasol)
3-4 Sacramento, CA (Don Ricci)
3-4 San Antonio, TX (Stephen Galvan)
3-4 Savannah, GA (ASPC Michael Cohen)
3-4 Strongsville, OH (Reginald Hodges)
3-4 Wilmington, NC (ASPC Walter Neubauer)
10-11 Abingdon, MD (Michael McKenna)
10-11 Colorado Springs, CO (Jacquelynn Black)
10-11 Pembroke Pines, FL (Danny Camargo)
17-18 Forest City, IA (Jed Smith)
17-18 Redmond, WA (Patrick Corbett)
17-18 Shelby Township, MI (Frederick Lowe)
17-18 Wilton, CT (Gary Valentine)
24-25 College Station, TX (Jack Gaines)
24-25 Jupiter, FL (ASPC Danny Camargo)
24-25 Prairieville, LA (Michael Cohen)
24-25 San Antonio, TX (ASPC Stephen Galvan)
24-25 San Mateo, CA (Jim Schmitz)
24-25 Wilmington, NC (Walter Neubauer)
3-4 Brooklyn, NY (Michael McKenna)
3-4 Chantilly, VA (Jami Willette-Brown)
3-4 Flemington, NJ (Pete Roselli)
3-4 Iowa City, IA (Jed Smith)
3-4 Odessa, FL (Danny Camargo)
3-4 Radford, VA (Leo Totten)
3-4 West Chester, PA (Ryan Marciniszyn)
10-11 Middleburg Heights, OH (Jacquelynn Black)
10-11 Pullman, WA (Michael Conroy)
10-11 Romeo, MI (Frederick Lowe)
17-18 Arcata, CA (Jim Schmitz)
17-18 Brooklyn, NY (ASPC John Nicoletta)
17-18 Denver, CO (Jacquelynn Black)
17-18 New Hope, MN (Chris Rousemiller)
17-18 Seattle, WA (David DeLong)
24-25 Depew, NY (John Nicoletta)
24-25 Essex Junction, VT (Christopher Polakowski)
24-25 Mesa, AZ (ASPC Patrick Cullen-Carroll)
24-25 San Francisco, CA (ASPC Jim Schmitz)
24-25 San Ramon, CA (Dave Spitz)
24-25 Stewartstown, PA (Michael McKenna)
24-25 Woodstock, GA (Rachel Bommicino)
31- Apr 1 Concord, NH (John Nicoletta)
31- Apr 1 Lake Mary, FL (Danny Camargo)
31- Apr 1 San Antonio, TX (Stephen Galvan)
7-8 Fresno, CA (Patrick Cullen-Carroll)
7-8 Miami, FL (Anthony Ferraresi)
7-8 Rockaway, NJ (Pete Roselli)
7-8 Wappingers, NY (Michael McKenna)
14-15 Franklin, MA (Ellyn Robinson)
14-15 Livonia, MI (Matthew Adamcheck)
14-15 Seattle, WA (David DeLong)
14-15 Woodbridge, VA (Michael McKenna)
21-22 Beavercreek, OH (Christopher Cleary)
28-29 Bridgeville, PA (Mark Cannella)
28-29 Tallahassee, FL (ASPC Danny Camargo)
28-29 Westminster, MD (ASPC Leo Totten)
19-20 Columbia, MD (Mario Dispenza)
19-20 San Antonio, TX (Stephen Galvan)
19-20 Seattle, WA (Bridget Raach)
2-3 Brooklyn, NY (Michael McKenna)
2-3 Chantilly, VA (Jami Willette-Brown)
2-3 Flemington, NJ (Ryan Marciniszyn)
9-10 Denver, CO (ASPC Jacquelynn Black)
23-24 San Ramon, CA (David Spitz)
IWF Competition Results
2017 World Championships Results
New American Records
Caitlin Hogan (53kg) 194kg Total
CJ Cummings (69kg) 141kg Snatch
Harrison Maurus (77kg) 193kg Clean and Jerk (also a Youth World Record) and 348kg Total
Wes Kitts (105kg) 176kg Snatch

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