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Doing It 100% RAW Style For The Very First Time

The last line of "Elite Fitness in 100 Words" consists of "Regularly learn and play new sports." So... do you?!? While I'm far pas... Continue reading
Nightshades V: The Problems With Potatoes

Potatoes (Solanum tuberosum). They seem so harmless, right? Well, far from it! This month’s article will be all about potatoes, mainly about the... Continue reading
Nightshades IV: Peppers and the Digestive Tract

Last month’s PMenu article on Capsicum peppers covered mechanisms by which capsaicin (the “active” ingredient in peppers) negatively... Continue reading
Nightshades: Part III

Peppers, Peppers, Everywhere See previous Performance Menu issues [2 links] for more of a background on the nightshade/Solanaceae family. This arti... Continue reading
Nightshades: Part II

In our first installment of the nightshade/Solanaceae story, I covered some of the history, animal testing, and Black Box reports of “cooperator... Continue reading
Nightshades: An Introduction

Arthritis. Nobody wants it. Everybody seems to be getting it, from the elderly to even teenagers these days. What if it were caused by particular... Continue reading
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