The 1996 Olympic Trials: A Look At The Battles We All Face
Matt Foreman

I guess I’m getting old, damn it all to hell. You know why I’m saying that? Because I’ve reached the point in my weightlifting life when young athletes approach me and ask about some of the most memorable things I’ve seen in the sport.
You get the visual scene in your head, right? The gray-haired old geezer sits back in his rocking chair and farts while young whippersnappers collect at his feet and ask to hear stories from the old days, when dinosaurs...

Melanie Hunter July 1 2016 8:42 am
Matt, I love your articles. Thanks for this. I bet I'm not the only one reading who needed it.

Also--you never trained at the OTC for a long enough period of time to attend high school in the Springs, did you? I'm the same age as you and I went to Palmer, which is were all the high-school aged OTC athletes went. Just curious.
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