Weightlifting News: Issue 122
Sam Holmes

New American Records
Megan Seegert (W- 48kg)- 65kg snatch (American Record 16-17 Snatch)
A’Leah Ross (W-53kg)- 82kg clean and jerk/140kg total (American Record 14-15 CJ and Total)
Maddy Myers (W-58kg) 108kg clean and jerk/ 189 total (American Jr. Record CJ and Total)
Mattie Rogers (W-63kg) 91kg snatch (American Jr. Record Snatch)
CJ Cummings (M-69kg) 156kg clean and jerk/ 271 total (American Youth Record CJ and Total)
Marcus Harrison (M-77kg) 118kg snatch/ 145 clean and jerk/ 263 total (American Record 14-15 Snatch, CJ, and Total)
Jerrone Wynn (M-50kg) 71kg snatch/ 90kg clean and jerk/ 161 total (American Record 14-15 Snatch, CJ, and Total)
Upcoming National Meets
2015 Arnold Classic Weightlifting Championships: Columbus, Ohio, March 5-8
2015 National Youth Championships: Minneapolis, MN June 25-28
2015 National Championships: Dallas, TX, August 13-16
2015 National University Championships: Ogden, UT, September 24-27
2015 American Open Championships: Reno, NV, December 3-6
Upcoming International Meets
2015 IWF Youth World Championships: Lima, Peru, April 7-12
Junior Pan-Am Championships: Cartagena, Columbia, May 5-10
2015 IWF Junior World Championships: Wroclaw, Poland, June 6-14
2015 Pan-Am Games: Toronto, Canada, July 12-17
Youth Pan-Am Championships: San Luis Potosi, Mexico, September 15-20
2015 IWF World Championships: Houston, USA, November 20-29
Catalyst Athletics Certs
March 14-15, Fort Worth, TX Registration
April 18-19, Dublin, Ireland Registration
May 9-10 New York, NY Registration
August 1-2, Toronto, Canada Registration
September 5-6, Sunnyvale, CA – Level 2- Registration
October 3-4, Sydney, Australia Registration
USAW Certs (all certs are level 1 SPC unless indicated “ASPC” before course instructor’s name)
6-7 Murray, UT (Jasha Faye) Registration
7-8 Colorado Springs, CO (Paul Fleschler) Registration WITH Room and Board
7-8 Colorado Springs, CO (Paul Fleschler) Registration WITHOUT Room and Board
7-8 Lacey, WA (Michael Reams) Registration
14-15 Grayslake, IL (Mike Gattone) Registration
14-15 Louisville, KY (Ben Carter) Registration
14-15 Ridgeland, SC (Michael Cohen) Registration
20-21 Salt Lake City, UT (ASPC Michael Conroy) Registration
21-22 Boone, NC (Harvey Newton) Registration
21-22 Denver, CO (Rachel Crass) Registration
21-22 Fort Lauderdale, FL (Daniel Camargo) Registration
21-22 Franklin, MA (Ellyn Robinson) Registration
21-22 Guilford, CT (Gary Valentine) Registration
21-22 Indianapolis, IN (Mark Cannella) Registration
21-22 Keller, TX (ASPC Richard Flemming) Registration
21-22 Orange, CA (Bob Takano) Registration
21-22 Palo Alto, CA (Jim Schmitz) Registration
21-22 Perry Hall, MD (John Filippini) Registration
21-22 Southampton, NJ (Leo Totten) Registration
28-29 Arlington, TX (Ursula Papandrea) Registration
28-29 Brooksville, FL (ASPC Daniel Camargo) Registration
28-29 Charlotte, NC (Alex Koch) Registration
28-29 Fargo, ND (Scott Safe) Registration
28-29 Hinesville, GA (Michael Cohen) Registration
28-29 La Verne, CA (Danny McDermott) Registration
28-29 Memphis, TN (Mike Gattone) Registration
28-29 Riverview, FL (Rich Lansky) Registration
28-29 Spokane, WA (Michael Conroy) Registration
4-5 Auburn, AL (Jeremy Shephard) Registration
4-5 Lakewood, OH (Mark Cannella) Registration
4-5 Sumner, WA (Jim Schmitz) Registration
4-5 Tuscaloosa, AL (Jason Poeth) Registration
11-12 Buffalo, NY (Chris Cleary) Registration
11-12 Easton, PA (Michael McKenna) Registration
11-12 Macomb, IL (Roger Nielsen) Registration
11-12 Scottsdale, AZ (Pat Cullen-Carroll) Registration
11-12 St. Peters, MO (Justin Thacker) Registration
11-12 Woodstock, GA (Rachael Bommicino) Registration
18-19 Bridgeville, PA (Mark Cannella) Registration
18-19 Denver, CO (Paul Fleschler) Registration
18-19 Fresno, CA (Pat Cullen-Carroll) Registration
18-19 Iowa City, IA (Jed Smith) Registration
18-19 Keller, TX (ASPC Richard Flemming) Registration
18-19 Miami, FL (Daniel Camargo) Registration
18-19 Nashville, TN (TJ Greenstone) Registration
18-19 San Antonio, TX (Ursuala Papandrea) Registration
18-19 San Diego, CA (David Miller) Registration
25-26 Arlington, TX (Richard Flemming) Registration
25-26 Beavercreek, OH (Chris Clearly) Registration
25-26 Elmhurst, IL (Roger Nielson) Registration
25-26 Miami, FL (ASPC Daniel Camargo) Registration
25-26 Seaside, OR (Jay Tieder) Registration
25-26 Spokane, WA (ASPC Michael Conroy) Registration
2-3 Bellvue, WA (Michael Reams) Registration
2-3 Cannon Falls, MN (Scott Safe) Registration
2-3 Fort Mill, SC (ASPC Alex Koch) Registration
2-3 Franklin, MA (Ellyn Robinson) Registration
2-3 Fullerton, CA (Pat Cullen-Carroll) Registration
2-3 Kent, WA (ASPC Michael Conroy) Registration
2-3 Lithia, FL (Daniel Camargo) Registration
2-3 Rochester, NY (Mark Cannella) Registration
9-10 Baltimore, MD (Michael McKenna) Registration
9-10 San Francisco, CA (Kevin Doherty) Registration
9-10 Thornton, CO (ASPC Paul Fleschler) Registration
9-10 Ypsilanti, MI (Mark Cannella) Registration
15-16 Lake Placid, NY (OTC ASPC Chris Polakowski) Registration WITHOUT R/B
15-16 Lake Placid, NY (OTC ASPC Chris Polakowski) Registration WITH R/B
16-27 Corvallis, OR (Jay Tieder) Registration
16-17 Richmond, TX (Richard Flemming) Registration
16-17 Rockaway, NJ (Peter Roselli) Registration
16-17 Salina, KS (ASPC Jim Schmitz) Registration
16-17 State College, PA (ASPC Mark Cannella) Registration
16-17 University Place, WA (Michael Reams) Registration
23-24 Glen Carbon, IL (Michael Gattone) Registration
23-24 Knoxville, TN (Steve Fauer) Registration
30-31 Chicago, IL (ASPC Mark Cannella) Registration
30-31 Hialeah Gardens, FL (Daniel Camargo) Registration
30-31 Newmarket, ON (Mike Gattone) Registration
30-31 Willow Grove, PA (Michael McKenna) Registration
6-7 Aurora, CO (Rachel Crass) Registration
6-7 Kenosha, WI (Mark Cannella) Registration
6-7 Las Vegas, NV (David Miller) Registration
6-7 Los Angeles, CA (Sean Waxman) Registration
6-7 Riverview, FL (ASPC Rich Lansky) Registration
6-7 Spokane, WA (Michael Reams) Registration
6-7 West Covina, CA (Danny McDermott) Registration
13-14 Colorado Springs, CO (ASPC Paul Fleschler) Registration WITHOUT Room and Board
13-14 Colorado Springs, CO (ASPC Paul Fleschler) Registration WITH Room and Board
13-14 Indianapolis, IN (ASPC Mark Cannella) Registration
13-14 Medford, MA (Michael McKenna) Registration
13-14 Seattle, WA (Jay Tieder) Registration
13-14 Woodinville, WA (ASPC Michael Conroy) Registration
20-21 Freehold, NJ (Peter Roselli) Registration
20-21 Nyack, NY (Michael McKenna) Registration
20-21 Stow, OH (ASPC Mark Cannella) Registration
20-21 Tampa, FL (Danny Camargo) Registration
27-28 Ashburn, VA (Mark Cannella) Registration
11-12 St. Augustine, FL (Daniel Carmargo) Registration
29-30 Franklin, MA (ASPC Ellyn Robinson) Registration
1-2 Brooklyn, NY (Peter Roselli) Registration
1-2 Colorado Springs, CO (OTC Paul Fleschler) Registration WITHOUT R/B
1-2 Colorado Springs, CO (OTC Paul Fleschler) Registration WITH R/B
1-2 Waukesha, WI (David Miller) Registration
8-9 Miami, FL (level 1 Daniel Camargo) Registration
15-16 Huntington Beach, CA (Danny McDermott) Registration
29-30 Kenosha, WI (ASPC Mark Cannella) Registration
12-13 Seattle, WA (Jay Tieder) Registration
27-28 Ashburn, VA (ASPC Mark Cannella) Registration
3-4 Houston, TX (Ursula Papandrea) Registration
3-4 Nanuet, NY (Michael McKenna) Registration
24-25 University Place, WA (Michael Reams) Registration
7-8 Culver City, CA (David Miller) Registration

For the Jr. Nationals results, please see PDF version.

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