True or False: Deep Squats Are Bad for Your Knees
Rosi Sexton

Knee health is a frequently discussed topic in the fitness community. There’s a lot of popular advice that gets thrown around about things you should avoid because they’re bad for your knees – if you followed all of them, you’d have to give up running, sitting, standing, most sports, cheap sneakers, expensive sneakers, sandals, high heels, lifting with wraps, lifting without wraps, cold weather, gluten, meat, dairy, and sugar. Most of all, you’d definitely ...

Jordan Guilford December 9 2017 2:11 pm
Outside of if a person has pain going into full range, I'm a proponent of full ROM. I compete in powerlifting and when I spend too much time doing competition depth box squats is when I start to get patellar tendinopathy.
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