Individualized CrossFit Program Design
James FitzGerald

Crossfit is my sport. I train others to treat it as such. Combining a background of program design knowledge, a comprehensive body fat measurement protocol, alternative medicine assessment tools, and an in-depth lifestyle/nutrition design has enabled us to use Crossfit and individualize it for each and every person effectively.

I started using Crossfit in program design three years ago with all ranges of clientele. Previous to that I used a mixture of various protocols depending o...

Chris Bellette May 21 2013 7:17 pm
Hi James,

Thank you for your article! I've been following you for a bit on Big Dawgs and have started a training journey based on similar principles to what you wrote here. I hope to do your coaching course and learn off you someday...I'm in Australia :)

Take care brother, keep kickin A!

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