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Featured Articles

Ask Greg: Issue 89

Geoff Asks: Hope life is good on the west coast! I was hoping to get your thoughts on the above. Normally, when training for WL I wouldn't entertain aerobics at all as it hinders my progress in the lifts but as I am now older (55) I find that the wor... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 130

Charles Asks: An often-quoted figure is that you can lift 81% of your full squat snatch weight with a power snatch movement. Because of one misbehaving knee, I thought I would be restricted to the power movements, avoiding the full squat, alas, only ... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 138

Devin Asks: I tried searching and didn't find what I needed (maybe I didn't type in the right search term... if this has already been covered, I apologize). I recently read your article about arm bend in the first/second pull. I kind of have ... Continue reading