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Ask Greg: Issue 136

Brian Asks: Does HIIT help with recovery for Weightlifting? HIIT supposedly stimulates the release of HGH post workout.   If your athlete's only goal was to get stronger overall and better at the Olympic lifts, would you add in some short ... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 130

Charles Asks: An often-quoted figure is that you can lift 81% of your full squat snatch weight with a power snatch movement. Because of one misbehaving knee, I thought I would be restricted to the power movements, avoiding the full squat, alas, only ... Continue reading
Five Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Athlete

Getting the right present isn't always easy, especially when the person you're shopping for seems to have everything they need. Here are some options you may not have thought of to help make your holiday shopping a little bit easier. American Weig... Continue reading