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Featured Articles

Ask Greg: Issue 102

Chris Asks: Do you emphases consistency or eliminating technical faults in your beginning lifters? I am a beginning weightlifter. I started my dedicated training 4 months ago and have been training 4 days a week since. I am currently deployed ... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 90

Shane Asks: I took your seminar last July, it was great, thanks again. Since then I have had sort of a change of lifestyle, I'm back in my hometown of Houston and my current career path is making it very challenging for me to follow my training the w... Continue reading
Weightlifting News: Issue 113

  Upcoming National Meets   Youth National Championships and Youth Olympic Games Trials: Daytona Beach, Florida, June 12-15   National Championships: Salt Lake City, Utah, July 17-20   2014 National University Champio... Continue reading