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Understanding the Olympic Lifts

Throughout the learning process, a continually improving understanding of the principles and mechanics of the Olympic lifts will remain an important c... Continue reading
Integrating the Olympic Lifts with CrossFit

One of the questions I’m asked most frequently is how to integrate Olympic weightlifting with CrossFit training. The lift’s appearance in... Continue reading
Weightlifting Nutrition: Part II

Bodyweight Managing bodyweight is primarily a concern of competitive weightlifters, although most athletes will certainly have reason to control th... Continue reading
The Shadow of the Mountain: Part 1

In September of this year I was informed by the powers that be that I was being transferred from Camp Pendleton, California to Marine Corps Base Mt Fu... Continue reading
The Jerk: Part 2

The Push Press The push press is an intermediate movement combining elements of the press and the jerk. As a lift itself, it’s an excellent s... Continue reading
The Jerk: Part 1

The jerk completes the clean & jerk by bringing the bar from its racked position on the athlete’s shoulders to its final position locked out... Continue reading
Clean Assistance Exercises

Front Squat The most obvious clean assistance exercise is the front squat. The vast majority of athletes will be able to front squat significantly ... Continue reading
The Clean: Part 2

Because of the difficulty of racking an essentially weightless implement such as a length of PVC, the lifter is probably already using a bar of some t... Continue reading
The Clean: Part 1

The clean and jerk is a two-part lift, contested after the snatch in competition. The bar is lifted first to the shoulders and then driven overhead. B... Continue reading
Snatch Skill Transfer and Assistance Exercises

Now that we're all experts on the performance of the snatch, we need to look at a few accessories for our training. These accessories can be used to s... Continue reading
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