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Clean Assistance Exercises

Front Squat The most obvious clean assistance exercise is the front squat. The vast majority of athletes will be able to front squat significantly ... Continue reading
The Clean: Part 2

Because of the difficulty of racking an essentially weightless implement such as a length of PVC, the lifter is probably already using a bar of some t... Continue reading
The Clean: Part 1

The clean and jerk is a two-part lift, contested after the snatch in competition. The bar is lifted first to the shoulders and then driven overhead. B... Continue reading
Snatch Skill Transfer and Assistance Exercises

Now that we're all experts on the performance of the snatch, we need to look at a few accessories for our training. These accessories can be used to s... Continue reading
Jumping Squat

The term jumping squat is used liberally to describe a number of different exercises. The one with which we're concerned here is performed from quarte... Continue reading
The Snatch: Part 2

When we left off several years ago, we had made our way through coaching a new lifter in the very basics of the snatch with a length of PVC. Said lift... Continue reading
Life, the Universe, and Olympic Lifting: How I Discovered My Inner Athlete

When my mother asked me what I wanted for my forty-second birthday this year, my answer was quick and decisive—a definite change from my usual, ... Continue reading
The Romanian Deadlift: A discussion about the RDL and its usefulness for Olympic weightlifters

History The Romanian Deadlift (RDL) is one variation out of several to lift or pull the barbell up the body. Other pulls include conventional deadl... Continue reading
The Snatch pt 1

The snatch is the first of the two lifts contested in Olympic weightlifting in which the barbell is lifted from the floor to overhead in a single move... Continue reading
Power Position & Transition

The remarkable power found in the snatch, clean and jerk can be attributed primarily to a single, surprisingly brief portion of the entire movement: t... Continue reading
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