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Third Snatch from the Sun

The internet is amazing. It’s one of the most important technological developments in the history of modern society, and almost anybody can use ... Continue reading
Chromosomes, Clean and Jerks, and Coaching

In 1992, a writer named John Gray published a book called Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. The book was a massive success because it focused o... Continue reading
Snatch Pulls and the Loch Ness Monster: A look at some of the fact and fiction of weightlifting

My grandfather tells me that Adolph Hitler is still alive. In fact, my grandfather knows exactly where he lives. One of the men I work with tell... Continue reading
Strong Through The Middle: Effective Ways to Improve Turnover in the Olympic Lifts

“Big pull!” “Finish the pull!” “Pull and extend!” “Explosive second pull!” “Tight pull off t... Continue reading
There is no Evil Twin

Some people lift weights, and some people are weightlifters. This is one of those “there are two types of people in this world” conce... Continue reading
Push It Real Good: Another Look at the Squat

Here is a situation for you to visualize. Many of us have probably been a part of this situation personally, and many more of us have heard hundreds o... Continue reading
Lessons from Romania

Nicu Vlad is one of the greatest weightlifters of all time. The Romanian legend won the Olympic gold medal at the 1984 Los Angeles games when he was o... Continue reading
Pulling, Pushing, and Thinking: Extended connections between Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting

My earliest workout routines are very clear in my memory. I started lifting weights at the high school weight room when I was thirteen with some of th... Continue reading
Heavy with Years

“The young man knows the rules but the old man knows the exceptions.” - Oliver Wendell Holmes Al Oerter was one of the greatest compet... Continue reading
Two Roads Diverged: A Look at the Conversion from Powerlifting to Weightlifting

Powerlifters and Olympic Weightlifters love to engage in verbal brawls. These brawls are almost always centered on the question of “Who is real... Continue reading
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