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4 Powerful Ways to Train Off the Platform

Recently, I had a conversation with a climber who, like me, has a very limited amount of time available for her sport. Because of her work and family ... Continue reading
Four Rookie Mistakes I Made When I Started Writing Weightlifting Programs

People often refer to the practice of coaching as an art, and in many ways, it is. While there are inarguably fundamentals that must be learned by the... Continue reading
When You and Weightlifting Have Been On a Break

I haven’t lifted in a few months. Okay, that’s not strictly true, but I know I haven’t picked up a barbell more than four or five ti... Continue reading
The Counterintuitive Coach

Recently I have noticed that there are some things that I do when I coach that I don’t see many other coaches doing. Some of these things even g... Continue reading
This Article Will Make You PR

Like the title? Did you believe it? Are you expecting to read the next 1200 or so words and depart for your training session to set a new national rec... Continue reading
Weightlifting, ADHD, Depression and Me

I love to talk about Olympic Weightlifting. I really don’t like to talk about my mental health. I am always up for analyzing, diagnosing and cor... Continue reading
On Organizing Your First Competition

We recently took the plunge and organised our first Olympic Weightlifting competition. This was a big step for us, and in some respects one in to the ... Continue reading
What the Corporate World Taught Me About Succeeding in Weightlifting

Fate has not yet seen fit to grant me a highly paid coaching position, and the good Lord did not create me with anything more than a mediocre talent f... Continue reading
8 Ways to Keep Motivation High

For many in the weightlifting community, time on the platform is the one sacred time in their week that is totally dedicated to them. It is an hour or... Continue reading
Coaching CrossFitters: It Might Be You Who Has to Change!

Have you ever noticed that when CrossFit comes up in conversation people have either never heard of it, or they have, and they have a strong opinion a... Continue reading
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